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PCLC Offers Standards-Based, Real-World Project Management Training

Communique No. 16
Spring 2003 issue of CSIS Communique in PDF format
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New Programs in Fall 2003!
The School of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) is pleased to announce the offering of exciting new programs. One is the M.S. in Software Design and Development; the other a noncredit-bearing Certificate in Project Management offered through the Pace Computer Learning Center, a division of CSIS. Read on for details.
Master of Science in Software Design and Development
Dr. Sotiros Skevoulis
Dr. Sotirios Skevoulis
CSIS was recently notified that registration of its proposed Master of Science in Software Design and Development was approved, with letter to follow. The program was developed in response to the growing need for a rigorous, comprehensive software development program in the metropolitan area by Dr. Sotirios Skevoulis, chair-elect of the Computer Science Department in New York City and director of the Center for the Advancement of Formal Methods Education and Software Engineering. The focus of this program differs from that of a traditional computer science degree in that it is exclusively concerned with the application of computer science principles to the engineering of high quality software. Students will learn software design methods such as requirements modeling and quality assurance.
Applicants to this program are required to have either an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or a degree in a closely related field and substantial experience in software development. Pace students already enrolled in the M.S. in computer science may transfer to the M.S. in software design and development program upon satisfactory completion of the computer science core. To view requirements for the M.S. in software design and development [click here].
Advanced Certificate in Software Design and Development
A shorter, five course Advanced Certificate in Software Design and Development is also available to those who wish to strengthen their background in this emerging discipline but who do not wish to complete a degree program.
To obtain additional information about these programs, contact:  
Dr. Sotirios Skevoulis
(212) 346-1866
Associate Professor of Computer
Science and Program Adviser
James Curry, Jr.
(212) 346-1687
Director, Administrative Systems
Louise P. Kleinbaum
(914) 422-4191
Assistant Dean and Director
of Communications
PCLC Offers Standards-Based Project Management Training
The Pace Computer Learning Center is expanding its noncredit offerings to fill an important need felt by IT professionals and others with project management responsibilities - learning the skills and techniques to complete projects on time and on budget. Students may select either short seminars or a certificate program. The curriculum is standards-based, aligned with the Project Management Institute's (PMI®) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).
PCLC Project Management
The 12-week Project Management Evening Certificate program is geared towards the busy professional who can't afford to take time away from an already tight schedule. The 24 3-hour evening sessions address key topic areas in project management, such as the project environment, planning, scheduling, and estimating. Throughout the course participants will work in teams to plan a real-world project. This approach accelerates learning and helps students identify and solve problems currently faced in business, enabling them to apply newly learned skills to their projects in the workplace. Click here for more information on the Certificate Program.
For those who want an in-depth focus on specific project management skills, we offer 2 - 3 day seminars on topics such as: Principles & Techniques of Project Management, Assessing and Managing Risk, Quality Management, Managing IT Projects, and Managing Costs. Click here for more information on the short-term seminars.
For more information:
  • Email pclc@pace.edu
  • Call (914) 422-4054 or (212) 346-1222
  • Go to http://csis.pace.edu/pclc/mgmproj.htm
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