Student Internet Projects

Dr. Sachs -- CS506 -- Spring, 1996

  1. Ken Alcorn -- The 7th Grade World's Fair Internet Project

  2. Tricia Ahern -- Space Exploration Project - 5th Grade and up

  3. Gary Chadwick --- Egypt Project -- 4th Grade

  4. Kristin Dunning --- U.S. Government & Current Events

  5. Cheryl Joseph --- African American History

  6. Angela Varuolo ---- Probability Problems

Dr. Sachs -- CS552 -- Summer, 1996

  1. The Calculus Companion by Ms. Valerie Albano

  2. Loretta Bastone's Power Up Math

  3. Benson's Mineral Links A Guide To Great Mineral-related
    Sites On The Web.

  4. The Tip of The Iceberg in Children's Literature
    by Mrs. Jacquelyn M. Cannon.

  5. Collection of Endangered Species by Rose.

  6. Books for 5th and 6th Graders by Lynn Fratarcangeli.

  7. Explore the Wonderful World of Whales by Tore Heskestad.

  8. The John Steinbeck Symposium by Mrs. Marilyn Ortmann.

  9. Wolf World by Mrs. Pat Trehy.