African American History

The African American site is a collection of resources of various sites on the internet to enhance the study of African American History. "Without history", wrote the African scholar Carter G. Woodson in the 1920s, "a race stands in danger of being exterminated". In 1926, Black American had just a tiny chapter in the history books. That year, during the year of the Harlem Renasissance, Woodson decided to try to salvage the legacy of his race. He started Negro History week.

A Harvard-educated historian and the owner of former slaves, Woodson chose a week in February, the month that Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass were born. When it first began, Negro History Week was popular mosly in black schools. "The celebration improved my children 100 percent," said one teacher. "I wish we could have Negro History throughout the year." In 1976, by popular demand, the event was expanded into a month-long celebration.

Organizers of Black History Month hope their efforts will soon make African-American history an inseparable part of our education. Thus, the ultimate goal of Black History Month- one of which Woodson would certainly have approved - is to make itself obsolete.

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