Endangered Species - Birds

Find Out Why?

  1. The White-Headed Woodpecker has been given a Threatened status.

  2. In the pelican family, The Brown Pelican is listed as Endangered.

  3. The migratory bird, The Piping Plover , is an Endangered species of the Great Lakes area.

  4. An unusual owl, The Burrowing Owl in British Columbia, has been assigned the status of Endangered .

  5. Sometimes, Coyotes help Endangered birds, such as The Least Tern.

  6. More interested in raising someone else's children, The Kirtland's Warbler has become an Endangered bird.

  7. A Special Concern status has been assigned to The Franklin's Gull.

  8. A different classification, "Insufficiently Known," has been assigned to The Humboldt Penguin .

  9. The mighty California Condor is now listed as Endangered .

  10. The Threatened Trumpter Swan is not only the largest swan in the world, but it is the largest waterfowl in North America.