Here You Can Find Many Facts About Many Whales

  1. Find a topic you would like to research
  2. Find the key word that is colored blue and underlined
  3. Put the cursor on the underlined word
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  5. Explore!


Here Are Some Topics You May Wish To Research

  1. GREY WHALES are really long range migraters.

  2. ATLANTIC MARINE MAMMALS lots and lots of good information about all sorts of marine mammals from whales to seals.

  3. WHALE INFORMATION NETWORK gives good information about right whales. Do you know why a right whale was named a "right whale"?

  4. GENERAL INFORMATION about a variety of whales.

  5. KILLER WHALES find out how to be a good whale watcher, how to behave in a boat, as a swimmer or in an aircraft. How you watch a whale can make it safe and enjoyable for both you and the whale.

  6. THE VIRTUAL WHALE MUSEUM Here is a lot of good information put together by a third grade class.

  7. HUMPBACK WHALE video tapes are available through this company. Lots of new footage.

  8. BELUGA AND KILLER fetal sonograms and baby beluga whale nursing.

  9. PHOTOS of the humpback whale.


  11. WHALE SONGS Hear the hauntingly beautiful sounds that whales make.