The ten artists and artist-teams in this exhibition are neither making work about shopping nor seeking replacement for the traditional art dealer, but rather are investigating ideas of consumer culture, value, ephemerality, exchange, intangibility, and that which ostensibly cannot be for sale. Straddling the genres of performance art, web design, net art, photography, and conceptual art, they trespass into the virtual space of eBay's structure.

If one primary reason for entering public space is for social exchange, eBay is a nexus of satisfying experience, the shopping equivalent of online dating where there is a similar jockeying for the prize object of affection, where there are winners and losers and the price is always negotiable. The terms of exchange are elementary - I have an object for sale, you want it, and you can pay to have it. In the online market, you can compete for attention without leaving the comfort of your computer's gentle light.

~Jillian Mcdonald

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