Juried Student Exhibition Spring 06

Roberto Garcia. Lapis Lazur. digital image

Lisa Libertone. Stop Sign. digital print

E. Bergrin, R Garcia, V Picciano. Silent Report. video

William DeMello. Pheonix & Savannah. computer drawing

David Alves. Tiger's Last Stand. stop-motion video

Miao Jun Kuang. Rotten Fish. animation

April 9 - 29, 2006
reception Tuesday April 25, 5-7 pm
163 William Street, New York, NY
with Peter Fingestin Gallery
, 1 Pace Plaza, Level B
hours Tues - Fri 12am -6pm

works in print by:
Christina Circelli • Ashley Cunningham • William DeMello • Diana Diamond • Roberto Garcia • Yoohwa Kim
Lisa Libertone • Victoria Picciano • Amy Rollo • Alexander Wick • Tyneka Woods • Eldwin Kwan

works in Flash by:
Christina Ford • Jun Kuang • Jennifer Palmerton • Vicky Picciano • Amy Rollo

works in video by:
David Alves • Keith Behringer • Erik Bergrin • Abby Chan • Roberto Garcia • Eldwin Kwan • Vicky Picciano •
and a group project from 3D design class