curated by Annette Weintraub

Gregory Chatonsky
David Crawford
Sylvain Hourany
Ruy Klein Architecture + Paul Myoda
Marek Walczek + Martin Wattenberg

The revolution took place in New York
Stop Motion Studies-Series 13


Rogue Wave


Urbanisms is a selection of projects that remap and revisualize the city through the processing and reinterpretation of diverse streams of information: sound, captured visual images and texts. The projects in this exhibition reflect the dynamic diversities of urban patterning and permit us to perceive the city in different ways: through surprising juxtapositions of sounds, in the minute physical gestures of its inhabitants, in a changing collision of passers-by and their environment, in the accumulations of data flowing from online to physical space, and in the mechanisms of surveillance and control that provide a constant stream of visuals as byproduct.

Urbanisms offers an expanded vision of urbanism—or more precisely, a multiplicity of urbanisms—that is global, dynamic and mutating and present a spectacle of ever-shifting patterns of visual, aural and cultural information to be processed, manipulated and reconstituted anew.

Exhibition April 12-June 10, 2005
Reception Tuesday, May 3, 2005, 6-8 pm

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