Mobile App Contest

The Westchester Smart Mobile App Development Bowl provides the opportunity for high school and college students, working as a team and with an adult advisor, to learn and apply their technology skills and innovative talents to create apps that offer solutions to real world challenges!

Some Highlights from previous contest:-
- Over 200 high school and college students from the tri-state area competed in the contest!
- Community and industry leaders provided generous support, through sponsorship's and/or volunteering their time and expertise.
Check out some images highlighting the 2015 contest! Pictures
Check out some images highlighting the 2016 contest! Pictures

Our Sponsors include:

* The Alzheimer’s Association
* Burke Rehabilitation & Research
* The Bristal Assisted Living
* Panasonic
* Tata Consultancy Services
* Remedy Health Media
* The Caregiver Collaborative
* New York-Presbyterian Hospital
* Liberty Lines
* Virginia Letourneau
* Ursuline Foley
* Mount Vernon Educational Foundation, Inc.
* The Bee-Line bus system
* Pace University, Seidenberg School
* Saberpoint