Older adult testmonials

Supporting the spiritual dimension of life is essential to high-level wellness and wholeness. It helps one respond to the potential fullness of life despite problems that arise from illness and longevity. Gerontechnology is considered an adjunct to the promotion of human health and well-being, increasing vitality in the life-span and quality of life. It creates solutions to extend the working phase in society by maximizing the vital and productive years in the life span, consequently reducing cost of care in later life.
Here are some videos from our Graduation Ceremony of older adults:- PARC Graduation , PARC Graduation part 2 , PARC Graduation part 3 , TOUCH MS Graduation
Here are some comments from participants in this program:

“I am very grateful for having the opportunity to participate in such a quality program. Creative Writing stretched my comfort zone the most. The program also helped my friend socialize since English was not his first language…Thank you all.”

“I enjoyed using old, pre-retirement skills again, and learning and using new skills. I have renewed confidence. I am not the stereotyped ‘old lady,’ in fact with my new burst of confidence I may be even better than I always assumed I was.”

“Lack of computer skills in the past made a significant difference in my life and I felt it might make a significant difference in my future, but it was a skill it seemed impossible for me to master. But now I feel I can make significant progress and even derive much pleasure from using the computer.”

"I am reaching out to know people I never thought I’d be interested in knowing. My mood is more confident, more reaching out to know more diverse people, and feel like I can handle complex situations better."

“It has helped me lessen the grieving time each day, to communicate with others, and get out of the house more often. I looked forward to coming twice a week (even though I don’t usually get up this early).”

“The group keeps me alive, invigorated.”
"I just want to thank these lovely children for bringing me back to life,"