Student Reactions

"...the stories that we had shared will always be with us."
- Ali Anwar

"This class changes the lives of the people who I have worked with, for the better. They finally feel up to date with society."
- Brittany Brower

"Ironically, I feel like I have been the one who came away from the experience having done the most learning." 
- Adam Gharzita

"I had no idea how incredible of an impact this was going to have on my life. I will cherish every moment that I spent with the seniors at both United Hebrew and the Tarrytown Senior Center."
- Jamie Hechler

"You will learn so much in the class even though you're the teacher, and getting to hang out with the older generation has truly been eye-opening in what their world is really like." 
- Fabrice Joseph

"I remember being fixated on their smiles, and saying to myself, 'we changed the lives of these individuals.'"
- Krista Levito

"It was at that moment that I understood the importance and warm feeling of making a difference in the lives of other people."
- Mike Melendez

"One of the greatest reasons this program is so successful is older adults knowing that they can connect with family in ways they've never imagined, and the students pave the road for them." 
- Stephen Socci