Student projects

Our students made some great projects that can help you gain a better understanding of the importance of Gerontechnology. The links below provide a sampling of student projects:

Student projects
Topic What is this project about Link to the project Who made it
Feedback of Apps from elders Senior Experience of Life Website Huy Dang and Federica Hu
Senior's Residence Helping older adults find their best family Website
Tiantian Lyu, Xinyang Zhang, Xinyi Li
Android-ing Teaching Seniors way aroud their android phones Website Runsheng Zhang, Zehong Qian
Multiple Sclerosis Assistive Technology for Adults with Multiple Sclerosis Paper Margarita Dominguez, Karen Ospina, Michelle Dasilva
Techonology Integration for adults The Role of Social Integration through Technology in the Lives of Older Adults Presentation
Samuel Ashby, Spencer Perlman
Using Technology to teach seniors Teaching at the Virtual Senior Center Video Chad Nowlan and Natalie Powers
Biometrics Biometric Scanning for elderly

Application(Github Link)
Eiman Ahmed, Diana Izazaga, and Shaan Daswani
Carter Burden Gallery Helped Elderly Artists Digitalize their work MITCH LEWIS'S Website
Elisabeth Jacobsen's Website
Leslie Popovich, Joey Ledonio, Noah Virgile
Tele health - Vital Care Help Seniors with High blood Pressure Website Nicholas Mignoli, Ajay Dogra & Valon Brahimi
App for Elders Gather feedback from elderly on various popular apps Presentation Naron, Akeem, Amanda Aguayo, Anthony Kapiti, Jordan Gryl, and Aaron Perkins
Cognitive Connect Using Brain Gauge Does the use of brain stimulating applications increase sensory function and improve the quality of life? Website Katie Vele, Angeliki Pappas, Varney Karwee, Rohan Rao
Dementia App Preventing Dementia through tablet apps Presentation Jake Terranova, Bennett Parkinson, Stefan Howanksy
Self Help To help nurture and inspire adults by teaching classes on various subjects Video Chad Nowlan & Natalie Powers
Carter Burden Gallery Building a website with seniors citizens Website Brandon Adam, Margaret Montagna, Katie Shipkey, Gabriel Armentano
Talkitt App Talkitt translates unintelligible pronunciation from any language into understandable speech. Demo Stephanie Ibrahim
Dancing Project Objective is to observe how group activity and exercise affected the moods of older adults Website Tanner Johnson and Elizabeth Garcia
Computer Made Easy Website for teaching basics of computer to senior citizens Website Shao-Yi Hou
Touch MS App Application for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis App Ted Li, Sonal Asija
Touch MS Helped senior citizens with android and apple tablets Touch MS Ted Li, Hayley Racicot and Victoria Brancato
Carter Burden Gallery Reflect on how technology has influenced the art world Video Yijiao Li, Essence Brown, Rebecca Charles, Megan Harris
Senior Skills How seniors can improve their memory Website Callie Rosenfeld, Colleen Powers, Zarin Paris
Skills for seniors Memory games from which seniors can improve their memory Presentation Gregory Korn, Steven Mainero, Euree Son
Tele-health Projects The fight against dementia continues.... The fight against dementia continues.... Heidy Sanchez
Teaching Elders Helping seniors in understanding the technology Helping seniors in understanding the technology Amara Diallo, Dillon Cummings and Shayne Johnson
Teaching Elderly Projects The observation of music and its effect on the elderly population The observation of music and its effect on the elderly population Maggie Schweppe, Rachel Burttram & Weitao Liu
Tele-health Projects Tele-health Telehealth  Nicole Persaud, Kyle Kravette, Alec DeRoss & Grant Moffitt
Teaching Elderly Projects Intergenerational Program Intergenerational Program Maria Da Silva
Teaching Elderly Projects Teaching Basic Skills of Updated Technology Teaching Basic Skills of Updated Technology Shira Morgenstern and Jean Baep
Cognitive Memory Spanish Dementia Patients Spanish Dementia Patients Janice Caimares and Jeannine Beauchamp
iPad Apps Smile Gear Smile Gear Jennifer Simon, Janelle Wallace and Nicole Moradni
Skype Projects HiFi Sisters HIFI Sisters! Margaret Sulivan
UAID Projects Universal Assistive Interface Device UAID Presentation! Christopher Bringola
AAD Projects Assistive Application for the Disabled AAD! Peter Franchesini
CogniFit Projects Cognitive Brain Games Project Cognitive Brain Games! Meaghan McGinty
Teaching Elderly Projects Teaching the Elderly in Assisted Living Homes the Computer Web Site! Chris Memoli & Laura Samra
Teaching Elderly Projects Easy Computer Manual Web Site! Brenna Carriere
Teaching Elderly Projects A LiViNG HEALTH Web Site! S.Eberly, G.Agostino and A.Makusij
Brain Games Projects Can Games be Used for More than Just Fun? Brain Workout! T.Derun, A.Foss and H.Jettou
Wii Projects The Elderly and Wii at MSH Elderly Wii!! Emil Kocur & Kitty Avellaneda
Hardware Project Pace Hardware Team Pace HW Team! Chris Sakai, Rose Koron, Wei Huang, Julia Sacknoff & Beth Kallaway
Kinect Project Xbox Kinect and Senior Citizens Xbox Kinect! Christine Singh & Roshni Ramdass
CogniFit Project CogniFit Experience in Hallmark Nursing Home CogniFit! Tanairy Brito, Kayla Rivas, Michelle Del Valle & Ann Dolan
iPad Project iPad Applications for Seniors iPad Apps! Katherine Allen, Lisa Milo & Vincent Carestia
iHealth Project iHealth Devices and Applications iHealth Apps! Matthew Gilmore
Magic Box Project Magic Box Magic Box! Kostantina Sermbezoudis
Grandmentor Project Grandmentor Grandmentor! Alice Simmons
Cerebral Palsy Projects Cerebral Palsy Center of Westchester CP! Tommy Hull & amp; John Barbieri


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