Natasha's Word of Wonders

What makes you wonder?

A world can bring you much
But for that to happen you have to wonder
You have be curious about what is to happen
And you will know your future
Right now I don't know my future but I am wondering about where I am going to be, and wandering about just to wonder at my life.
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Never got my camera and I think I never will, those damn knife people stole my prize!

No takers on the banner? what do I have to do pay you in sex?

I added some of my poems on my fun stuff site so check them out tell me what you think if you haven't read them already. And I'll post some new ones once I have some confidence and courage.

City is great, I discovered a milk bar modeled after the movie and book Clockwork Orange, of course it's called Korova Milk Bar. I wanna visit so bad (you can visit their website at, all these temtations of the city require me to be 21, so I'll figure my way out in the village when I get a fake id :). I love this city.

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