Beowulf vs Sir Gawain


In the Left corner it's...Beowulf!

He has a strength of 30 men, fights fire-breathing dragons and evil giant-born monsters!
Yet he is
loyal to his lord and a generous leader.
Unfortunately he has a bad drinking problem; mead takes up a big part of his and his fellow warriors' lives. Although Beowulf is not an alcoholic, his fellow warriors are.

VS Sir Gawain

In the right corner it's....Sir Gawain!

He is nephew to King Arthur, and an honorable knight of Arthur's Round Table.
He is very popular with the
ladies, and quite charming.
He is loyal to his king and queen and keeps his promises.
Even if it's a promise to have his head chopped off by a big, angry Green Knight
Indeed he is a brave, but foolish knight.

Who is the real Hero?

Is it: strong and drunken Beowulf, or charming and foolish Sir Gawain?

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