The Beowulf Dictionary: Names and Anglo-Saxon terms

For the benefit of those reading the passage covered on this website, a list of terms which may be difficult to understand has been composed. Hopefully this list will facilitate the reading and comprehension of the passage:

  • Hygd: Hygelac's queen; she serves mead to the men in Hygelac's hall.
  • Modthryth: a woman in a story told in the passage; she was cruel to her suitors when she was young, but became generous when she married Offa the Angle.
  • Offa: an Angle who was well-known for his war glory.
  • Heorot: Hrothgar's mead hall.
  • Freawaru: the daughter of Hrothgar who is to be a peace weaver between the Danes and Heatho-Bards.
  • Heatho-Bards: a tribe which has had an unsuccessful war against the Danes.
  • Hondscioh: one of the soldiers killed by Grendel in Heorot.
  • Boar-banner: a pagan sign which brings good luck in battle.
  • Foot-guests: soldiers.
  • Heaven's Jewel: the moon.
  • Mead the drink of the warriors (click on the word for a complete definition)
  • Ring the rewards of the warriors (click on the word for a complete definiton)