The main instructor for the course will be Dr.Martha Driver (e-mail at MDriver@pace.edu) of the English department.Dr. Driver is a Fellow of the Houghton Library, Harvard, currently engagedin a study of manuscripts for the National Endowment for the Humanitiesand a founder and chair of the Early Book Society. 
Dr. Jennifer Thomas (email at JThomas@pace.edu), Information Systems, provides coverage on the technical aspects of the course, using the various multimedia tools to organize and communicate the material. Dr.Thomas teaches Introduction to Multimedia at the graduate and undergraduate levels and conducts research in the area.
Dr. Jeanine Meyer (e-mailat Jeanine.Meyer@purchase.edu)was the first teacher of the course, Information Systems, provided coverage on issues relating to information systems, such as organization and communication of the material. She also facilitated the computer lab work. Dr. Meyer is currently teaching at SUNY Purchase and is also working with a colleague on a book on programming focusing on the creation of games.