Grendel Music Archive

The Medieval Lady Collection
Performers: Susan Sandman, Derwood Crocker; Andera Folan, guest soprano
Producer: Leonarda Productions

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Countess of Dia 12th C.
A Chantar

Maroie de Dregnau de Lille 13th C.
Mout m'abelist quant je voi revenir

Queen Blanche 1188-1252
Amours, u trop tart me sui pris

Trotto, c. 1400
Estampie, 13th C.

Hildegard of Bingen 1098-1170
In Evangelium
O viridissima virga
O Ierusalem, aurea civitas

Anonymous c. 1400
Saltarello (1:29)
Saltarello (1:54)
La Manfredina

Anne Boleyn 1507-1536
O Deathe, rock me asleepe

Lady Killigrew 17th c.
Sweetest love I do not goe

Giles Farnaby c. 1563-1640
Tower Hill

Green Sleeves, 17th c.

Mary Harvey, The Lady Dering 1629-1704
When I first saw Fair Dorris' eyes
And is this all? What one poor kisse?
In vain fair Chloris, you design

Anonymous 17th c.
La Rosignoll (The Nightingale)

Dream of The Rood & Caedmon's Hymn
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Richard Farnaby b. 1594
Nobody's Gigge

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