Welcome to King Lear on the Net, a Web site dedicated to one of the world's best plays of all times. King Lear is a tragedy in which everything needs a second glance because nothing is what it seems to be. It teaches the importance of understanding -- understading of the world, situations and other people.

This site tries to bring the magic of the play to the Web. Here, you will find one complete scene of the play, with explanations of difficult language that you may encounter. You will also find description of the characters in the scene, as well as the images of them and the actors who played them in the various productions in the play. In addition, this site offers a brief history of the theatre where Shakespeare's plays were performed during his lifetime. The "Related Sites" section will provide you with links to many other interesting places on the Web about King Lear and Shakespeare.

The scene we chose to present is Scene 4 from Act 3. In this scene, King Lear is left homeless in a stormy night by his daughters, and only Kent and the Fool accompany him. This is the first time the king realizes what he has done completely, and understands that his judgements weren't as sound as he thought they were. His mind refuses to accept this, and he goes mad. The scene contains one of the most interesting dialogs in the entire play, when Lear, a mad man pretending to be sane, is engaged in a conversation with Edgar, a sane person pretending to be mad.

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