Sir Gawain's Speech
To Dame Ragnell


Sir Gawain
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"Alas! The choise is hard.
To chese the best it is froward.
Wheder choise that I chese,
To have you faire on nightes and no more,
That wold greve my hart righte sore
And my worship shold I lese.
And if I desire on days to have you faire,
Then on nightes I should have a simple repaire.
Now fain wold I chose the best,
I ne wot in this world what I shall saye,
But do as ye list nowe, my lady gare.
The choise I put in your fist.
Evin as ye wolle, I put it in your hand,
Lose me when ye list, for I am bond.
I put the choise in you.
Bothe body and goodes, hart, and every dele,
Is alle your own, for to by and selle--
That make I god avowe!"

Summary of the speech
Dame Ragnell offers Sir Gawain
the choice for her to be beautiful by day
and ugly by night or vice-versa.  Keeping
in mind as to what it is that women most
desire, he shows his honor and chilvary
by letting her decide, thus giving her

the power.  She decides to reward
him by being both beautiful
and loyal all the time.


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