of the
Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath is one of the 29 pilgrims at the Tabard Inn that Chaucer meets on the pilgrimage to Canterbury.  They are on their way to visit the shrine of Sir Thomas Becket.
Chaucer, the narrator of the Canterbury Tales, describes each pilgrim who is on a journey to Canterbury.
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From near the town of Bath I came.
I am a little deaf, which is a shame.
I am a weaver, so excellent.
The kerchiefs all are of the finest texture
That every Sunday I wear on my head.
The fine hose I wear are scarlet red and tightly laced.
I have a new pair of shoes, I may say.
My face is ruddy, bold and fair.
I have been a worthy woman all my life .
At church door with five men, I have been a wife.
I have the loverís gap tooth, I must say.
Of remedies of love, I have good notions.
For of that artís old dance I know the motions.
I am the wife of Bath!