Main Characters Of The Play

Beowulf: The title character and hero. He is first the prince of the Geats and becomes their King. He is often referred to as the son of Edgetheow.

Hothgar: The old, once great King of the Danes whose hall, Heorot is attacked by Grendel.

Grendel: The monster who attacks Heorot. He attacks Heorot because he is jealous of the friendships and happiness of the Danes.

Grendel's Mother: Has no name of her own. She is a monster and gives Beowulf just as difficult fight as her son does.

The Dragon: The enemy that finally kills Beowulf. It guards a great tresuarehoard, and when that hoard is disturbed, the dragon attacks the Geats. In the end it dies due to the effort of Beowulf and Wiglaf.

Wiglaf: The bravest of Beowulf's warriors and the one that helps defeat the Dragon. Beowulf leaves him the kingdom of the Geats, since he has no son of his own. Wiglaf is very loyal to Beowulf.

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