The King Arthur Character Analysis

(The Once And Future King)

(Not actually Camelot)

nce a very long time ago, there was a fabled king who lived in a fabled castle and had a large amount of fabled knights. Nothing lasts forever. And neither would Camelot.

King Arthur portrayed here by Graham Chapman in

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

His tale has been made into comedies by Mark Twain and more contemporarily, Monty Python. His story is, however a tragedy. It is a legend of a boy who is made king at a very early age, chosen by mystical forces to be the greatest king that England ever had.

He does do a very good job, although as it is hinted to in Gawain and the Green Knight his youth is kind of lack luster. It isn't until he is married that he seems to turn into the great king that he is renown for. His teacher and friend Merlin leaves him to make his own decisions.

(not actually Merlin)

We do know that for a very long time Merlin was his only friend, and practically raised him after he found out that Sir Kay's family wasn't his true family. He guided him and then left him to the wolves.

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