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"Sir Gawain a knight

of the Round Table

famous for his

courage and

courtesy, and a

nephew of King

Arthur. Gawain

failed in his quest

for the Holy Grail

but proved his

honour and

recounted in the 14th

century poem Sir

Gawain and the

Green Knight."



(The legend of

Camelot )

Sir Gawain


"King Arthur is

the figure at

the heart of

the Arthurian

legends. He is

said to be the

son of Uther

Pendragon and

Ygraine of

Cornwall. Arthur

is a near mythic

figure in Celtic

stories such as

Culhwch and




(King Arthur)

Sir Gawain is a

nephew of the

King Arthur and

the brother of

Sir Gaheris and

Sir Gareth. In

the poem he is

described by the

author as "the

good knight" and

"most courteous"







(Sir Gawain)

(Gawain images) 



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