The Middle Ages were rough because they were full of war and diseases. People created their societies based on the need to survive. On top of the hierarchy was a lord and his knights. Their only job was to protect the lord. They lived in a castle which was usually hard to conquest. During a time of peace they feasted, drank, and challenged themselves. They were supposed to be brave, gentle and honest by creating some kind of family.

Knighthood experienced a great evolution during the Middle Ages. First, knights were very primitive, but later they developed complicated armor and different weapons and became a class known not only by war, but also for their good manners. They became respectful examples for people who believed in and followed their values.

The Middle Ages were also full of magic. Pagan traditions were often mixed with Christian beliefs. People believed in witch craft and all kind of monsters. One of the most well known magicians was Merlin who was the friend and spokesman for King Arthur (legendary king who created the Round Table and whose residence was Camelot). His knights challenged many dragons, evil monsters, while all the time proving their good nature and strong character. We can find many mysterious and beautiful topics in these legends such Holy Grail and Avalon.

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