The Story so Far…..

This painting is a depiction of the scene when King Lear questions his daughters.

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King Lear of Britain has decided to abdicate his throne. In order to bestow his kingdom between his three daughters; Goneril, Regan and Cordelia he calls them together. His intentions are to split the kingdom between them based on each’s expression of love for him. The two older daughters sweetly talk their way in their father’s heart for sizable kingdoms. Cordelia however, the youngest and Lear’s favorite, sees the sinister motivations of her sisters and tells her father of her deep true feelings. Lear not hearing the sweet words that he expected, is so dismayed that he banishes her. She leaves the country to marry the King of France.

This painting is a depiction King Lear's castle.

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The Earl of Kent, Lear’s trusted counselor, by coming to Cordelia’s defense is also banished. Kent however seeing the danger that Lear has put himself in disguises himself as a servant. He remains close to Lear to protect the king from Goneril and Regan who have viscously decided to usurp their father’s throne.

Meanwhile the Earl of Gloucester is also dismayed by a recent turn of events in his household. His illegitimate son Edmund has brought to his attention evidence that Edgar, Gloucester’s legitimate heir has conspired to kill him. The evidence is false; however, as it Edmund who is conspiring to obtain his brother’s birthright.

This painting is a depiction of the Goneril's Castle were Ear is humiliated.

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Having given away his kingdom, Lear intends to spend the rest of his days traveling between the homes of his two daughters. Believing that he can remain at each for a month at a time, he arrives at the home of Goneril accompanied by a assemblage of 100 boisterous knights. Although he had expected to remain in authority, since he has given away his power and revenue he is no longer respected by his daughters. Goneril quickly takes the opportunity to denigrate her father. Her steward Oswald is instructed to infuriate him. As Oswald tries to do so, the disguised Kent comes to Lear’s defense and humiliates Oswald instead.

Lear however has become so agree that he leaves Goneril’s home in a cursing rage. He sends his servant the disguised Kent to Regan to announce his impending visit. Goneril on the other hand sends her steward Oswald to warn her sister of their father’s approach. Along the road near Gloucester’s estate, Kent and Oswald meet. They recognize each other from the altercation at Goneril’s home, and begin to battle.