Original Text lines 566-639

566 he dowellez žer al žat day and dressez on že morn
567 askez erly hys armez and alle were žay bro3t
568 fyrst a tule tapit ty3t ouer že flet
569 and miche watz že gyld gere žat glent žeralofte
570 že stif mon steppez žeron and že stel hondelez
571 dubbed in a dublet of a dere tars
572 and syžen a crafty capados closed aloft
573 žat wyth a bry3t blaunner was bounden withinne
574 ženne set žay že sabatounz vpon že segge fotez
575 his legez lapped in stel with luflych greuez
576 with polaynez piched žerto policed ful clene
577 aboute his knez knaged wyth knotez of golde
578 queme quyssewes žen žat coyntlych closed
579 his thik žrawen žy3ez with žwonges to tachched
580 and syžen že brawden bryne of bry3t stel ryngez
581 vmbeweued žat wy3 vpon wlonk stuffe
582 and wel bornyst brace vpon his bože armes
583 with gode cowters and gay and glouez of plate
584 and alle že godlych gere žat hym gayn schulde [bob]
585 žat tyde [wheel]
586 wyth ryche cote armure
587 his gold sporez spend with pryde
588 gurde wyth a bront ful sure
589 with silk sayn vmbe his syde
590 when he watz hasped in armes his harnays watz ryche
591 že lest lachet ouer loupe lemed of golde
592 so harnayst as he watz he herknez his masse
593 offred and honoured at že he3e auter
594 syžen he comez to že kyng and to his cort ferez
595 lachez lufly his leue at lordez and ladyez
596 and žay hym kyst and conueyed bikende hym to kryst
597 bi žat watz gryngolet grayth and gurde with a sadel
598 žat glemed ful gayly with mony golde frenges
599 ayquere naylet ful nwe for žat note ryched
600 že brydel barred aboute with bry3t golde bounden
601 že apparayl of že payttrure and of že proude skyrtez
602 že cropore and že couertor acorded wyth že arsounez
603 and al watz rayled on red ryche golde naylez
604 žat al glytered and glent as glem of že sunne
605 ženne hentes he že helme and hastily hit kysses
606 žat watz stapled stifly and stoffed wythinne
607 hit watz hy3e on his hede hasped bihynde
608 wyth a ly3tly vrysoun ouer že auentayle
609 enbrawden and bounden wyth že best gemmez
610 on brode sylkyn borde and bryddez on semez
611 as papiayez paynted peruyng bitwene
612 tortors and trulofez entayled so žyk
613 as mony burde žeraboute had ben seuen wynter [bob]
614 in toune [wheel]
615 že cercle watz more o prys
616 žat vmbeclypped hys croun
617 of diamauntez a deuys
618 žat bože were bry3t and broun
619 then žay schewed hym že schelde žat was of schyr goulez
620 wyth že pentangel depaynt of pure golde hwez
621 he braydez hit by že bauderyk aboute že hals kestes
622 žat bisemed že segge semlyly fayre
623 and quy že pentangel apendez to žat prynce noble
624 I am in tent yow to telle žof tary hyt me schulde
625 hit is a syngne žat salamon set sumquyle
626 in bytoknyng of trawže bi tytle žat hit habbez [fol. 99]
627 for hit is a figure žat haldez fyue poyntez
628 and vche lyne vmbelappez and loukez in ožer
629 and ayquere hit is emdelez and englych hit callen
630 oueral as I here že endeles knot
631 foržy hit acordez to žis kny3t and to his cler armez
632 for ay faythful in fyue and sere fyue syžez
633 gawan watz for gode knawen and as golde pured
634 voyded of vche vylany wyth verertuez ennourned [bob]
635 in mote [wheel]
636 foržy že pentangel nwe
637 he ber in schelde and cote
638 as tulk of tale most trwe
639 and gentylest kny3t of lote

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