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As early as the twelfth century the history of England was recorded and passed on to the future generation, gradually transforming into the present day history of modern England. Geoffrey of Monmouth, a churchman of Welsh or Breton ancestry, was among the first, who recorded the history of Anglo-Saxon England in his History of the Kings of Britain. One fifth of this chronicle is dedicated to rise, life and fall of one of the legendary British heroes, King Arthur. Later many historians and scholars have dedicated their studies to this phenomenal character, however none of them can state surely whether King Arthur has really existed. However, besides fascination with the character, numerous scholars have tried to determine what actually caused the fall of King Arthur and his Round Table. One of the theories put forth was one where Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur, emerged as primary cause of the fall of the Round Table. This website is dedicated to discussion of the character of Guinevere and the impact she had on the legendary empire created by King Arthur.

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