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The links below will take you to websites containing supplemental information regarding Sir Gawain, as well as other characters and information pertaining to the medieval era.

1. This site is dedicated to King Arthur. It covers Arthur's life from the time he was a general to his kingly reign. The site clearly identifies the myth of King Arthur, his battles, and genealogy. Supplemental information is also provided, regarding Arthurian literature, such as Arthurian characters and different aspects of the Arthurian legend. I feel this site thoroughly develops and explains the legend of King Arthur and the many events that affected his kingdom and reign.

2. A web site that provides a clear analysis of King Arthur. It also analyses the characters that were a part of Arthur's life and the medieval era. The site provides a detailed biography of Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Ambrosius, Vortigern, Hengest, Geoffrey of Monmouth and Gerald of Wales. There are also links covering the history of churches and monarchs, some of the many christian elements present in the medieval time period.

Other sites:

3. King Arthur:

4. Knights of the Medieval Era:

5. Supplemental information regarding Sir Gawain:

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