Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Medieval Literature

Hello and welcome to The Virtual Museum of Medieval Literature (VMML). Our museum is comprised
of essays, studies, theses, research projects, articles, and reviews of famous medieval works.
We're also home to some of the rarest coats of armor, weapons, and human remains (bones) that are
said to be those of the actual heroes and heroines from the time.

Below is a detailed map of our museum. We've divided the whole into two independent wings;
the BEOWULF wing and the SIR GAWAIN wing. Although our exhibits range from an extensive
variety of medieval literature, we've decided to highlight only a couple to act as a sort of an
appetizer to all who visit our site.

The VMML is located on 5th avenue between 25th and 52nd Streets. Admission is as follows:

  1. Adults $250
  2. Senior Citizens & Children $300
  3. Dr. Driver & Dr. Meyer *FREE*
  4. Beowulf and Gawain *FREE* (with valid driver's license)

  5. Note: The Virtual Museum of Medieval Literature described above does not really exist (not yet, that is).
    Please do not attempt to visit it beyond this web site.
    Monetary contributions, however, will still be gladly accepted. Thank you.

    Why was this site made?

    This site is the last of three web projects assigned for our medieval literature class at Pace University. To see more student web sites click on the link below.
    Pace University