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Literature often helps us better understand a culture or a time period in human history. Through literature we can see the peopleís values, questions, attitudes, beliefs and often the entire infrastructure of their society. Beowulf is one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon Epic poems. It incorporates Scandinavian history, and pagan mythology with Christian elements. Itís a story of heroes and monsters, good and evil. The story shows us the ideals of the time, what was considered a righteous way of life, with contrast to historical events, mythology and cultural aspects.
Learn about their honor, law, and idealism. Anglo-Saxonís considered warfare a way of life. Every episode includes some kind of battle or another. In their world one must fight to maintain his honor, prove his courage, settle disputes and repay for damages. Revenge is another large aspect of this society. The dragon is great example; he finds that he has been violated so he exercises his revenge upon the masses. The story about the father of the two sons is another.