It is difficult to define rules of conduct for a knight. There is no set code of conduct, and many variations of it exist nowadays. However, even though there are so many versions of the rules of knighthood, the main idea is always the same. Knightly virtues are liberality, honor, good faith, glory, unselfishness, pride, courtesy, bravery, and loyalty. For me, these ten rules for chivalrous love make the most sense. The virtues of love: modest, attentive, honest, graceful, well-groomed, faithful, discrete, generous, and worthy of praise. You can find out more about chivalrous conduct here.


  • Being obedient in all things to the commands of the lady
  • Patience is the greatest virtue of love
  • Be mindful completely to avoid falsehood
  • Thou shalt be in all things polite and courteous
  • Thou shalt speak no evil
  • Thou shalt not be a revealer of love affairs
  • In giving and receiving love's solaces let modesty be eve r present
  • Thou shalt not choose for thy love anyone whom a natural sense of shame forbids thee to marry
  • Thou shalt not knowingly strive to break up a correct love affair that someone is engaged in
  • Thou shalt keep thyself chaste for the sake of her whom thou lovest
  • Thou shalt avoid avarice like the deadly pestilence and thou shalt embrace it's opposite