Hello. My name is Dame Ragnell. You may know me as an"old ugly hag" or maybe as a "foul grotesque woman." These are some of the many descriptions people have for me. Not sure if you know me yet? Well, how about a clear description of me? Okay, so I am a big, broad-shouldered hag with a big red face and a great big nose. I have great big cheeks that many would say are the size of women's hips. I have yellow, rotten, buck teeth, some set downward and some set upward. Many would say they look like fangs. I have a great big back with a long, big neck. And I even have three-inch nails. Okay, so I'm not the prettiest person. Believe it or not, I used to be a beautiful young woman. You don't believe me? Maybe this will convince you. Long, long ago, I was cursed by my horrible stepmother. And, as a result of this spell, I was turned into a hideous old hag. The only way this curse could be broken is if I found a man who would love me so much that he would sacrifice his power to allow me to have sovereignty in our marriage. A horrible, horrible spell! It may take me forever to find a man like this!


Will Dame Ragnell ever find her one true husband who has the power to break her spell?
Will Dame Ragnell ever be beautiful again?? I guess you are going to have to find out the way we all did...Read the story!

Hear Dame Ragnell like you never have before! 

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