In her "Prologue" the Wife of Bath offers an argument against virginity. The Wife of Bath argues that if God condemned marriage and wanted people to be chaste, then where would people come from. If everyone was supposed to be chaste, then there would be no people, and hence, no seed for virginity to grow from. The Wife of Bath believes that everyone has a gift from God, and she thinks her sexuality is her gift. People are called to different works by God, and hers is her sexuality. She believes that God has given man sexual organs for both reproduction and pleasure. In her opinion, God has given her this great sexual instrument, and she will use it as often as she can. She does not envy virginity, but believes that virginity is perfection and is not meant for everyone. The Wife of Bath is extremely proud of her sexuality and has no regrets; she is perfectly happy being barley bread.Click here to hear a monologue of the Wife of Bath:

Where can ye saye in any manere age
That hye God defended mariage
By expres word? I praye you, telleth me.
Or where comanded he virginitee?...
For hadde God comanded maidenhede,
Thanne hadde he dampned wedding with the deede;
And certes, if there were no seed ysowe,
Virginitee, thanne wherof sholde it growe? Chaucer 118-119.