The Characters


Beowulf: The King of the Geats. He is a superhero, in his arm he has the power of 30 men. He fights against Grendel, his Mother and wins. He finally fights his last battle against the Dragon. The bite of the Dragon kills him.

Wiglaf: A brave young warrior who battles the Dragon with Beowulf. This is the first battle he has ever fought. Beowulf names him king of the land Beowulf had acquired over the years of fighting.

The Dragon: A fire breathing monster who watches over the treasure in a cave in the land of the Danes. He breaks Beowulf’s sword and bites him in the neck. This causes the warrior to die.


Naegling: This is Beowulf’s sword which breaks during his fight with the Dragon.

barrow: This is a large mound of earth or stones placed over a burial site.

pyre: This is a heap of combustibles for burning a corpse as a funeral rite.