Hrothgar is the King of the Danes, the son of Healfdene and the brother of Heorogar. Hrothgar is a good king to his people. He is an old man, and is described as the "hoary warrior." (Norton, 45.) He is also the king with the "Grendel problem." Grendel has been tormenting his mead hall, Heorot, for twelve years until Beowulf comes from the Geat land to rescue them. Hrothgar tells Beowulf after the defeat of Grendel, "For this sight may thanks be made quickly to the Almighty: I endured much from the foe, many grieves from Grendel: God may always work wonder upon wonder, the Guardian of Heaven." (Norton, 39.) Hrothgar is very thankful to God and Beowulf for his help and even tells Beowulf that he loves him as a son.

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