Archeological Recording Log
Unknown Cavern
Day #4

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Angel..what is that buried behind those rocks?

Dr. Angel Rosado: It looks like some kind of a book, Cheryl..

Dr. Cheryl Karim: These rocks have to be centuries old..this must have been hidden here..

Dr. Angel Rosado: Well, what is it?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: It appears to be a diary of some sort, and there's a picture on the cover.

Dr. Angel Rosado: Ugh! What IS that?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Not what, but who?

The Diary of Diane Grendel

Dear Diary,

Today I was walking in the woods on my way to the river when the greatest part of me died. I saw my son, Edgar, lying on the ground not too far from our home. As I ran to him, all I could think of was to call his name, but Edgar did not answer me. My neighbor Lawrence stood over his body, trying to drag him out of plain sight. He told me of Edgar's death. The horror, the pain and the terror those humans had inflicted on him! The conceit of those humans! Since I have remained in silence here, banished because of that vile Cain, the humans have not seen me. Lawrence told me of the trophy they have hung in their grand hall. I will turn that golden hall into a trophy case of my own. For my only son I shall seek vengeance, even if it be my last act on this Earth..


Dear Diary,

The deed is done. I have slain their blood and taken the arm of my son back. Of course, I do not really know what to DO with a severed arm..but at least it is not being used as a trophy any longer. His body lies here in this room with me. His light has been extinguished and thus, mine has, too. Wait, I hear something. My friends in the water are whispering to me. He comes. The one who has taken the life of my child comes to me. Let him come. I am not just a mere-woman as they believe. I will destroy him. Take his light for that of my son. Bring the one called Beowulf to me. He shall not leave this place alive.


Archeological Recording Log
Day #5
Unknown Cavern

Dr. Angel Rosado: Do you know what all of this means, Cheryl?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: More than what it means, do you know whose this is, Angel?

Dr. Angel Rosado: Can you imagine the publicity that we'll get?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: This proves that Beowulf is true! Somewhat, this is..

Dr. Angel Rosado: They totally downplayed her intelligence!

Dr. Cheryl Karim: I have to find that passage in Beowulf where they describe Beowulf and Grendel's Mother.
This way, we can see exactly how things should have gone. If I remember correctly,
there was some kind of a river..or body of water..

Dr. Angel Rosado: It must have long since dried up..there's no water now..

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Wait a second..there's some drawing on this me move this rock..

Dr. Angel Rosado: Holy-- Who could have drawn THAT?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: The neighbor she spoke of? I don't really know..but wow..

Dr. Angel Rosado: That's one way to put it.. Dr. Cheryl Karim: If all of this you know what this means?

Dr. Angel Rosado: We're going to be famous?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Exactly. But we need proof. We need..AHA! The treasure!

Dr. Angel Rosado: What treasure?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: In Beowulf, great treasure is spoken of..treasure Beowulf didn't take! Quick! Get out your laptop, we need to look something up..

Dr. Angel Rosado: Okay..{tap tap} I found the passage in a copy of Beowulf on the Internet. How do I access it now?

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Click on the picture of the flipping book!

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