In my research about King Arthur sites, I was able to come across several different sites that portryaed information about King Arthur's legends in detail. The sites that I found depicted King Arthurs background and historical references of the times in which King Arthur reigned. These sites also contained literary references and texts that are quite helpful in researching King Arthur. There are a number of sites relating to King Arthur woth a variety of themes and topics to choose from. What I decided to focus on was the basic information regarding King Arthur concerning his historical background and his actual existence which seems to be a debatable subject.

One of the most interesting sites I found,, tries to explain the mystery behind the existence of King Arthur. The site entilted, "Arturius - A Quest for Camelot" displays historical information on King Arthur, the kingdom of Manann and Camelot, and evidence of King Arthur's existence. This site, designed by author D. F. Caroll, uses previously overlooked evidence from the seventh and eigth centuries. This site helps clarify King Arthur's life through the usage of texts that explain and provide chronicled information on King Arthur and his legends. Along with detailed information, this site contains images and a renactment of the Battle of Camlaan.

The second site I found useful was,, which contained information similar to the first site I found. This site entilted simply, "King Arthur", contains historical evidence of King Arthurs existence, original sources and texts, biographies of Arthurian characters, maps, reading lists, and other useful material regarding King Arthur. I was able to locate and pinpoint areas on a map where King Arthur had reigned and traveled. Not only is this site useful with historical content, but it also displays different images of Arthurian characters and provides an in-depth look at Glastonbury, the legendary center of the Arthurian universe.

The third site I found,, was also usefil in my research. This site depicts basic information on King Arthurs legends and his personal life. It covers the questions many people have had for many centuries with regards to King Arthur's portrayal as a king. What really caught my attention was the way in which this site was organized. This site focused on all the aspects of Arthurian legend and of its existence and historical background. Of the three sites I researched, I feel this site was the most useful and helpful in understanding Arthurian litertaure and history.