Dear Diary,
As I sit here in this nicely padded room staring at my cherry red pills, I wonder if I have imagined all of this. Was the Diary of Diane Grendel ever real? Am I even real? I saw Angel's picture in the paper this morning. The diary was never recovered. The literary and historical societies shunned me. They drove me to holding Nick Howe's dog hostage until he would come and talk to me. Could Angel have double-crossed me and hidden the diary? Technically I double-crossed him, so did he quadruple cross me?

In any case, I have the contents of the trunk hidden well. I do not understand their significance, but I'm sure there is one.

Until the day I am freed from this prison of disbelievers..

Cheryl Karim


Of course you are.

Each image leads to a different secret from the chest.

Click the image of your choice..