A Prose Translation

Dr. Angel Rosado: This flipping book shows what the book this translation comes from looks like.

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Click on it!

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Look! Below are the actual text pages in .PDF format!

Dr. Angel Rosado: I hope this computer has Acrobat Reader! Wow, Beowulf is in in the HOT ITEMS section. I would have never guessed.

Dr. Angel Rosado: We need to do some analysis of this scene before we can go any further with this diary.

Dr. Cheryl Karim: I'll race you back to the headquarters!

{Much time has passed when Cheryl comes running in waving a a few sheets of crumpled up paper}

Dr. Cheryl Karim: I'm done! I finished first! I even loaded it onto the INTERNET!

Dr. Angel Rosado: Me too. You first, let's see what you have to say about this scene.

Dr. Cheryl Karim: Follow the slinky!