Biography Of Characters

Beowulf: The title character and hero. He is first the prince of the Geats and becomes their King. He is often referred to as the son of Edgetheow.

Hrothgar: The old, once great King of the Danes whose hall, Heorot is attacked by Grendel and whose dear friend Aeshere dies.

Aeschere: Hrothgar's advisor. He is killed by Grendel's mother when she goes to Heorot to avenge the death of her son Grendel.

Grendel: The monster that attacks Heorot and eats people. He attacks Heorot because he is jealous of the friendships and happiness of the Danes.

Grendel's Mother: Has no name of her own. She is a monster and fights Beowulf in her underwater lair.