Scene Summary


In our assigned scene, we see the attack of Grendelís mother in retaliation for Grendelís death. Grendelís mother attacks in Heorot and slays Aeschere who is Hrothgarís adviser and trusted friend. Hrothgar is devastated by this, and he seeks out Beowulf for help in killing Grendelís mother. Hrothgar proceeds to describe to Beowulf the place in which Grendelís mother resides. This lair is a horrible swampy place, where the water burns; it is so horrible that animals are even afraid of it.

Beowulf rises to Hrothgarís challenge, and Hrothgar says he will give Beowulf chests of gold if he does so. Beowulf assures Hrothgar that he will succeed, and the warriors descend upon her lair. On the way there, at the edge of a cliff, the warriors stumble upon the head of Aeschere, and it is described as a horrifying scene where dragons, serpents, and other monsters or beasts dwell in the murky water.

At the conclusion of the scene, Beowulf prepares himself for battle, and he appears to be unafraid of death. When he is getting prepared, with detailed description of his powerful demeanor and strong armor, Unferth loans Beowulf the great sword Hrunting. Hrunting was powerful sword, which had seen many battles, but has never failed in a single one. At this point, Beowulf bestows his own sword to Hrothgar and prepares for battle.