The following are the missing pages from the original manuscript of The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell. This is the scene after Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell are married. She is asking Sir Gawain to kiss her, after which she transforms from an ugly monster to a beautiful princess.
Lines 700-734

And you, sir Knight, Courteous Gawen

Have given me the sovereignty certain,

That will not wroth you early nor late.

Kiss me, Sir Knight, even now here,

I pray you, be glad and make good cheer,

For well I am began.

There they made joy out of their mind

So was it, the reason and cause of their kind

They, the two of them, by themselves alone

She thanked God and Mary mild

She was recovered of that by which she was defiled

And did Sir Gawen.

He made mirth in all her chamber

And thanked God of all the savior

I tell you in certain

With joy and mirth they waked till day

And then would rise the fair maid.

You shall not rise, Sir Gawen said

We will lie and sleep till prime

And have the King call us to dine.

I agree, then said the maid,

Thus the time passed forth until midday.

Sirs, scolded the King, let us go and see

If Sir Gawen is still alive

For I am afraid for Sir Gawen's life

Lest the friend has slain him

Now would I fain to prove.

Let's go now said Arthur, the king.

We will see their uprising

How well that they have slept.

Arise said the king to Sir Gawen

Why are you still sleeping in bed?

Mary scold Sir king certainly!

I would be glad and you would let me be

For I am well fully at ease.

Then King Arthur sees Dame Ragnell, and he is very surprised to see the most beautiful princess he has ever seen in his entire life. She is as beautiful as can be, and they all go out to dine together.

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