A Word from the Creators

"The passage 'Beowulf Returns Home' is very interesting. It is the first time in the poem where we find out more about Beowulf. After reading this particular passage, it makes me want to read the whole poem, and the epic turns out not to be boring, but very exciting throughout."

"When the epic Beowulf was first introduced to us by the professor, I was reluctant to begin reading it. I had this impression that it must be boring and, most importantly, difficult to understand. However, it turned out to be very different from what I thought. Frankly, I must admit that I did have some problems with the language occasionally. Thus, I forced myself to read every line slowly and carefully. It was also because of my speed, I was able to pick up a lot of the concepts and ideas expressed by the author. Although the wording in the text was somewhat different and hard, I was actually willing to spend more time re-reading the passage until I understood it because I really appreciated studying this particular work."

"Before I read the passage 'Beowulf returns Home,' I used to think that Beowulf is a super hero. I never imagined that even a hero will also have to suffer before he is famous. The text says that there is a price for everything. As heroic as Beowulf is, he still has a hard time before he gains his reputation. It makes me like Beowulf's personality more and attracts me to continue reading the EPIC poem. By the way, no matter how attractive this poem is, I can't accept the status of women at this time. Marriage is arranged between tribes in order to keep the peace. A woman isn't a product that you can trade with. They are independent individuals who have thier own thoughts. If men want to start a war, nothing can stop them." =P