The Definition List

  1. Aeschere:
    a wise counselor of Hrothgar

  2. Beowulf:
    a superhero among the Geats who goes to the Danes and defeats Grendel

  3. Danes:
    the tribe which Hrothgar belongs to; also called the Scyldings

  4. Earls:
    another word for warrior

  5. Ecgtheow:
    father of Beowulf

  6. Freawaru:
    daughter of Hrothgar who will be married to Ingeld, the king of the Heatho-Bards, to exchange for peace between the two tribes

  7. Geats:
    the tribe Beowulf belongs to

  8. Grendel:
    the human-like monster who attacks the mead hall (Heorot)

  9. Haereth:
    father of Wealhtheow

  10. Healfdene:
    father of Hrothgar

  11. Heatho-Bards:
    a tribe that the Danes had a feud with

  12. Heorogar:
    older brother of Hrothgar

  13. Heorot:
    a mead hall where warriors meet and drink

  14. Heoroweard:
    nephew of Hrothgar who has been very loyal to the tribe but still isn't heoric enough to receive the sword

  15. Hrethel:
    father of Hygelac

  16. Hrothgar:
    king of the Danes' tribe

  17. Hygd:
    wife of Hygelac; queen of the Geats

  18. Hygelac:
    king of the Geats' tribe

  19. Ingeld:
    king of the Heatho-Bard

  20. Kinsmen:
    another word for warrior

  21. Ongentheow:
    king of the Swedes

  22. Scyldings:
    descendants of Scyld Scefing; also call the Danes

  23. Wealhtheow:
    wife of Hrothgar; queen of the Danes