List of Characters
Further Celebration at Heorot


Hrothgar: King of the Danes; son of Healfdene and brother of Heorogar; he wishes to make peace with the Heathobards.

Ecglaf (Ecglafing): Unferth's father; he belongs to Dane tribe.

Unferth: Son of Ecglaf; slew his brother; taunts Beowulf early in the poem, but later he lends his sword, Hrunting, to Beowulf just before Beowulf's battle with Grendel's mother.

Heremod: Cruel and avaricious Danish king; ruled long before the infant Scyld Sceafing was found by the Danes. Foil to Hrothgar and Beowulf.

Beowulf: A Geat, and the hero of the poem; son of Ecgtheow; nephew of Hygelac; later, king of the Geats.

Grendel: The monster that threatens Hrothgar's kingdom, and Beowulf kills him.

Grendel's Mother: The Hag-like mother; sometimes called a Troll-Wife, She dwells at the bottom of a large swampy pond in a cave.