"The fight would have been ended straightway if God had not guarded me."(1.3)

Beowulf states that without God's protection and the strength that he possesses, Beowulf  would have been killed right away.

"And when the hostile-hearted creature, God's enemy, guilty of murder, gave up this world, and his mother too......."(2.3)

Beowulf refers to the evil monster Grendel and his mother that have finally met their doom in hell.

"It is a wonder to say how in His great spirit mighty God gives wisdom to mankind, land and earlship -- He possesses power over all things."(5.1)

Hrothgar speaks of his appreciation of God, with passion and fate for everything he has offered to mankind.

"Keep Yourself against that weakedness, beloved Beowulf, best of men, and choose better-eternal gains. Now for a time there is glory in your might"(6.6)

Here we hear Hrothgar's important advice to Beowulf to do good and he will gain the glory of heavens.

"Thanks be to the Ruler, the Eternal Lord, that after old strife I have come to see in my lifetime, with my own eyes, his blood-stained head" (7.4)

Hrothgar thaks the mighty God for letting him live long enough and giving him wisdom.