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Knights and Their Armor

Even though many of these pictures depict the armor of the later period (XV century)from a variety of countries, these images can help you visualize the medieval knight and his armor as well as the armor of the horse.

These are some examples of the typical armor of the knights.

On the left is the knight and his loyal
companion -- the horse -- in the armor.

On the right you can see knight's helmet and sword.

This is a faceplate for the horse -- the so-called chanfon. In the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Gawain's horse, Gringolet, wears similar armor for protection. Even though this chanfon has an octangle emblem, it could be easely replaced with the pentangle and thus become the exact replica of Gringolet's armor.

This image shows Sir Lancelot slaying a dragon. Sir Lancelot, as well as Sir Gawain, is a member of King Arthur's court.

This could have very well been Sir Gawain on his loyal horse, Gringolet.

Knight, swinging the sword.