Bay - a deep prolonged bark, such as the sound made by hounds.

      Bough (bou) - a free branch, esp. a large or main branch.

      Bray - to sound loudly and harshly

      Bridles - a harness, consisting of a headstall, bit, and reins, fitted about a horse's head and used to restrain or guide the animal.

      Coverlet - a bedspread.

      Dale - valley.

      Deftly - gentle

      Demesne (di - man) - Manorial land retained for the private use of a feudal lord.

      Din - to stun with deafening noise.

      Feign - to give a false appearance of.

      Grooms - a man or boy employed to take care of horses.

      Harts - the male deer, esp. a male red deer over 5 years Old.

      Linden - any of various deciduous shade trees of the genus, having heart-shaped leaves.

      Liege (lej) - a lord or sovereign to whom allegiance and service are due according to feudal law.

      Pell-mell - In frantic, disorderly haste; in a jumbled confused manner

      Quarry - entrails of a deer given to hounds as a reward.

      Tether - A rope or chain for holding an animal in place, allowing it a short radius in which to move about.

Created by Kyle T. McKenna