This is the tale of a young knight who seeks revenge on a knight and a dwarf who have insulted the Queen. In Erec's journey, he comes to a town and seeks shelter. He asks his host if he has seen the rude knight but the old man has not. Erec learns of a challenge in which the wicked knight hopes to be victor, but Erec, with the help of Enide, is able to win the game, beating the dwarf who insulted the Queen. Erec prepares to return to court with Enide, and he requests that she wear her tattered dress.

They are warmly welcomed by the King and Queen. Guinevere gives Enide a royal gown, and Arthur prepares a great feast for their wedding. Erec and Enide enjoy life as newlyweds, but Enide feels Erec is neglecting his knightly duties. Prompted by the court's talk, Enide tells Erec to go on adventures and fulfill his knightly duties. Insulted by her comments and suggestions, Erec takes her away in her tattered clothes.

Erec takes her on an adventure. He makes her ride in front of him, and she may not speak. She repeatedly warns him of danger that lies ahead. He continues because he feels she does not trust him. In one of his confrontations, Erec is "killed" and Enide is taken to be another man's wife. She makes the knight have a funeral for Erec. Lying on a funeral platform, Erec hears Enide scream and he rises to defend her. With the help of other knights, they escape. The tale ends with Erec successfully journeying through the enclosed garden and blowing the horn that releases the maiden. The Joy of the Court is heard.