Niviene or Viviane (elsewhere known as Eviene) is the wise and beautiful step-mother and teacher of Lancelot. In Lancelot of the Lake, the Lady of the Lake first explains the meaning of knighthood to the young man who wishes to become a knight. She tells him that "A knight should have two hearts, one as hard and impenetrable as diamond, and the other as soft and pliable as hot wax." The hard heart "should oppose those who are treacherous and cruel," the waxen heart shaped by "good and compassionate people [who] should be able to lead the knight to everything which pertains to graciousness and goodness." She also explains to Lancelot the significance and responsibilities of the sword she is about to bestow upon him, telling Lancelot that the sword is "the most honourable and noble of weapons. " In some versions of the Arthur legend, the Lady of the Lake also bestows Excalibur upon Arthur and receives the sword again after Arthur is mortally wounded. In Malory, the Vulgate cycle and much later, in the poetry of Apollinaire, the Lady takes on the role of Morgana, enchanting Merlin with the magic he has taught her, either imprisoning him or killing him.